After a long year of basically learning a brand new (to me) technology, I’ve finally gotten my results back for this project, and my other subjects too.

In my last post, I had finished off the geolocation code on the backend, which was basically all that was left to do on that side. The rest of the work was done on the front-end.

The complete list of features are as follows:

    Get the nearest 3 Dublin Bikes stations, with live info
    Get the nearest 3 bicycle lockup areas in the city
    Get the nearest 3 LUAS stops, with live arrival times
    Add favourite bike/LUAS stations

Now that I list them out like that, it doesnt really seem like there is a lot to the app, but I can assure you, there was a lot of work put into it! Honest!

My intention now is to create an Android equivalent now. Also, I’ve managed to get my hands on the coordinates of every Dublin Bus station in the city, so I might add buses to the app as well, since I can get live info off the Dublin Bus website. Clicking on a bus stop would mean it will display live Bus times, which could come in really handy. I might even release it to the market after that.

OH ye, and in case you’re wondering what result I got for this…..

I got an A!! 😀

I now have my bachelor of science degree, which apparently makes me a scientist. My plan now is to go on and do the honours bachelors degree, and presumably become an “honours scientist”(?).

I’ve also a few projects I want to get done over the summer so I’ll continue with this blog, updating it with what I’ve learned from them.

See ya soon!