While testing my apps on my Blackberry PlayBook, I sometimes have to sideload them if I am on another computer without the proper SDK tools installed.

For sideloading, I use a tool called DDPB. It connects to your device, lets you select the .BAR file, and basically handles everything for you.

However, after transferring my copy of DDPB over to another machine, I ran into a problem. When I try to connect to my device, it gave an error: Unable to access jarfile C:\Downloads\BarDeploy.jar

As it happens, I had copied it from a 32-bit machine to a 64-bit machine. DDPB is installed in Program Files directory in Windows, but on 64 bit machines, the 32bit program files directory is called Program files (x86) so when I transferred the backup over, it had the old path and could not find the jar file.

Long story short, if you get this error, just recreate your shortcut to DDPB!